Champagne Lounge

Is there any better way to activate your senses and feel the effervescent joie de vivre as with a glass of sparkling champagne? At a romantic location, together with your beloved persons or friends whenever there is something to celebrate. Whether a birthday celebration, an engagement … or simply life!

Sparkling moments for all senses

Our Champagne Lounge invites guests to linger and lean back. Our so-called “outdoor living room” is also exclusively available for private and delightful holiday moments and can therefore be booked in advance. Experience not only the unique taste of the VEUVE CLICQUOT RESERVE CUVEE or VEUVE CLICQUOT ROSÉ, but also local specialities such as the Alpine caviar from the Limestone Alps National Park. Simply experience sparkling moments with all your senses.

For great moments and new perspectives

Not just only bring the day to a close in our champagne lounge, but also celebrate emotional moments: your marriage proposal, birthday celebration or wedding in a small setting – there a many occasions to celebrate.

The marvellous setting of the lounge with views on the natural swimming pond is also a perfect space for new horizons and innovative ideas.

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