Our project

Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites Resort is an exclusive chalet village based on a holistic approach, the only one of its kind in South Styria. The resort is being built sustainably, energy-efficient and according to the building biology standards in the village of St. Nicolai in the “Sausal” Mountains.

The “Harmonious Design” and the “Unique Pleasure Architecture” are our very special way to introduce guests from all over the world to the charms of South Styria. We are seeking to create “Spaces for New Experiences” and to enrapture our guests providing an accommodation for pleasant holidays in harmony with nature. You will be welcomed by Barbara and Andreas Reinisch – your passionate and dedicated hosts.

What is going to be built for you

In addition to the existing accommodations, the “Steinfuchs” Cottage and the Loft, the following highlights will be built on grounds stretching over 3 hectares:

  • 6 chalets and 15 suites: luxury accommodation, including casual “Western Chalets” with paddock and elegant “Romantic Suites”; the exterior grounds will be arranged in the style of an “open air living-room”
  • Energy spots: with the help of geomancy experts, we have found energy and power spots, where the guests can replenish their energy whilst enjoying silence and tranquillity
  • A romantic natural swimming pond of 600 square metres; a unique facility of its kind in South Styria, providing an extraordinary bathing experience
  • A lavender field extending to 6000 square metres for gourmet picnics, weddings and other events, swathed in the beguiling scent of lavender
  • A gourmet temple for epicureans and fine food lovers, which can host gourmet dinners and small events of all kinds
  • Spa house with herbal sauna, Finish sauna and infrared cabin, AlphaSphere facilities, gym and massage room
  • A seminar room furnished in the western style – consciously distinctive …
  • “Golden Hill” grounds“Golden Hill” grounds
  • "Golden Hill" being planned ...
  • Golden Hill groundsGolden Hill grounds

The Chalets

Elegance meets rustic masonry

Three of six new chalets will be furnished in a sophisticated country-style. Earth colours and natural materials, such a wood, stone and linen, as well as discrete golden ornaments give the rooms a timelessly elegant character. The rough plastered brick walls make the chalets look a bit like a romantic castle with a Mediterranean touch.

From the chalets, our guests enjoy fantastic views over the vineyards and the lavender field, which stretches over 6000 square metres. A lovingly arranged footpath, lined with roses and magnolia trees, leads from the chalets to the picturesque swimming pond, having a size of 500 square metres. From there it proceeds to the building which houses the suites, the spa house and three other chalets.

Romantic Western style in South Styria

Three other chalets are located on the edge of the mixed wood, which shows all its sumptuous colours in the “Styrian Summer”. The façade is essentially made from timber, whereas the interior of the chalets is characterised by a sophisticated but casual western style, with the decoration being composed of inviting leather furniture, rustic stone-cladding around the fireplace and an old oakwood floor “steeped in history”. The bright golden Styrian autumn colours shimmer on “Indian” turquoise. Rustic copper bathtubs are available for relaxing moments.

Holidays with the horse

Horse riding enthusiasts are spoilt for choice at “Golden Hill”, since, staying in one of the Western-style chalets, they can safely leave their horse to graze on the paddock in front of the terrace. You will for sure be enthusiastic about a ride out through the vineyards or to one of the nearby idyllic lakes in the woodlands.

And after your beautiful ride out you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of your chalet sitting back in front of the chimney fire or enjoying a pleasant massage next to the crackling fire.

If the chalet is too large for you, you may opt for one of our cosy suites, decorated in an elegant country style or in a rustic Western style.

At a glance

  • Chalet 1 and Chalet 6
    An oasis providing a living space of 100 sq m for up to 6 persons
    Privates spa with outdoor hot tub
    2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
    Living area with kitchen
  • Chalet 2 and Chalet 5
    An oasis providing a living space of 100 sq m for 2 persons
    1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms
    Living area with kitchen
  • Chalet 4 and Chalet 7
    An oasis providing a living space of 100 sq m for up to 5 persons
    2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
    Living area with kitchen


> Floor plans, information, images (PDF file)

  • Chalets furnished in the romantic Western styleChalets furnished in the romantic Western style
  • Holidays with the horse at Golden Hill ResortHolidays with the horse at Golden Hill Resort
  • Sophisticated but casual Western styleSophisticated but casual Western style
  • Barbara on the horsebackBarbara on the horseback
  • Romantic chalet 1 - north elevationRomantic chalet 1 - north elevation
  • Romantic chalet 2 - west elevationRomantic chalet 2 - west elevation
  • Romantic chalet 4 - west elevationRomantic chalet 4 - west elevation
  • "Western" chalet 5 - north west elevation
  • "Western" chalet 7 - south west elevation
  • Suite house - east elevationSuite house - east elevation
  • Wellness house - south elevationWellness house - south elevation
  • gourmet temple - east elevationgourmet temple - east elevation