Carefree vacation in a chalet in Southern Styria

Our Corona Safety Measures

Privatissimum and highest hygienic standards
Vacation in Austria – vacation in a chalet – completely private in your holiday home. Choosing how and where to stay during your holidays has never been so difficult. Especially in times of uncertainty, you need oases of retreat with plenty of space away from big cities, crowds and hustle, shielded from the rest of the world.

Chalet Steppenfuchs - Sauna

Our promise to you:

  • Here you can spend your vacation all to yourself. Of course, always in compliance with the current legal regulations and completely healthy.
  • As long as all precautionary measures are necessary, we also provide you completely contact-free with the highest hygienic and quality standards!
  • The popular gourmet breakfast and Barbara’s Private Dining with the finest culinary delights are served directly into the chalet or according to availability in the Mediterranean garden of the Loft.
  • In the wine cellar and fitness cube we have Dyson air purifiers in use, which use a highly efficient HEPA filter to remove 99.95% of harmful particles as small as 0.1 microns from the air.


This is best done in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful nature, in your own chalet with its own private spa, a 15,000 m² park with a 600 m² natural swimming pond and much more.

Everything you need to know at a glance

Corona Measures

As of March 5 2022, the Corona measures will be largely lifted in all areas. The FFP2 mask obligation remains only in e.g. food trade, public transport and the like.

Travel Insurance

Our tip: European Travel Insurance:
Extension of cancellation coverage also in case of COVID-19 disease despite pandemic status.

"Stay well and healthy!"

Chalets available:

Chalets are still available over Easter, Whitsun and in the summer.

Reserve your favourite chalet!

Freie Termine!

Für Ostern, Pfingsten und im Sommer gibt es noch freie Chalets.

Sichert Euch Euer Lieblingschalet!