Our Philosophy

A new definition of luxury …

… a conscious and sustainable way of interpreting exclusivity.

We are living in a polarised world and we are currently witnessing a renaissance of consciousness – a change of paradigm. In recent years, the values and attitudes towards life of the people have undergone modifications. The only thing that is constant is change.

Golden Hill Resort has been designed to be a magic refuge for inspiration and stimulation, which make up our innermost essence.

The desire for safety and cosiness in a globalised world and the search of authenticity leads people into nature and some of them to “Südsteiermark” Nature Reserve. We combine zest for life and country pleasures with an open-minded cosmopolitan life-style.

Our mission: we are seeking to provide space for new experiences and we want you to be enthusiastic about your happy holidays, your pleasant stay in harmony with the environment and nature.

Our vision: Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites Resort is a sustainable hotel business with a distinctive character and an architecture of pleasure for individualists … your private hideaway in South Styria.

Sustainability – a heartfelt concern

Supposedly, you love travelling. Us too? We adore the diversity in our world, but also, in particular, this lovely spot of earth around Golden Hill. Thus, we are seeking to safeguard this precious heritage for the following generations. To achieve this, we believe in a new form of economy that takes into consideration the well-being of both humans and wildlife. Consequently, sustainability is for us not only a central feature of our corporate culture, but also involves a conscious life-style aiming at a perfect well-being.

Apart from respecting the principles of a sustainable architecture, we are particularly mindful of taking into account social and ecological issues in all what we do. Some examples:

  • We use geothermal energy
  • A solar and photovoltaic facility as well as ground heat provide eco-friendly energy and pleasant heat, giving a clear conscience.
  • We irrigate our garden with the water from our own well and with harvested rainwater.
  • Treat yourself in our Private Spas with natural and vegan care products of the exclusive Spa brand Vinoble Cosmetic based on the extracts of the grapevine.
  • Free charging stations for e-cars: 2 Tesla-stations, 1 BMW-Wallbox+ for all i-types, 1 station for all e-cars.
  • and much more

Golden Hill for adults only

Our concept focuses on adults aiming to find tranquility and a magical time full of enjoyment. Or others would like to enjoy an undisturbed honeymoon or conduct a meeting full of ideas. That is what the philosophy of „Golden Hill“ is aimed for. It does not matter wheter you are a couple, sports enthusiast, business partner or single traveller.

The needs of children are different from those of adults, as they enjoy playing, running and rollicking. This is what our concept is not aligned for, hence we therefore do not provide any child facilities. Furthermore our natural swimming pond holds big dangers.

Therefore we recommand holidays at Golden Hill for children from 13 years. We may make exceptions in particular cases, e.g. if the whole facilities are booked resp. if the booking situation allows it to do so.

  • An ocean of lavender in front of the LoftAn ocean of lavender in front of the Loft
  • The Loft - open space living area of 250 square metresThe Loft - open space living area of 250 square metres
  • The Chalet SteinfuchsThe Chalet Steinfuchs
  • Chalet SteinfuchsChalet Steinfuchs
  • The Country Chalets for 2-4 resp. 6 personsThe Country Chalets for 2-4 resp. 6 persons
  • Holidays with your own horse in AustriaHolidays with your own horse in Austria
  • Chalet GoldfuchsChalet Goldfuchs
  • Bedroom in the Chalet GoldfuchsBedroom in the Chalet Goldfuchs
  • Chalet Silberfuchs at nightChalet Silberfuchs at night
  • Exclusive interior in the Chalet SilberfuchsExclusive interior in the Chalet Silberfuchs
  • Sauna Chalet RotfuchsSauna Chalet Rotfuchs
  • Private Spa in the Chalet RotfuchsPrivate Spa in the Chalet Rotfuchs
  • Chalet Rotfuchs living roomChalet Rotfuchs living room
  • Living room Chalet RotfuchsLiving room Chalet Rotfuchs
  • Own sauna in the chaletOwn sauna in the chalet