Sustainability – a heartfelt concern

Supposedly, you love travelling. Us too? We adore the diversity in our world, but also, in particular, this lovely spot of earth around Golden Hill. Thus, we are seeking to safeguard this precious heritage for the following generations. To achieve this, we believe in a new form of economy that takes into consideration the well-being of both humans and wildlife. Consequently, sustainability is for us not only a central feature of our corporate culture, but also involves a conscious life-style aiming at a perfect well-being.

Apart from respecting the principles of a sustainable architecture, we are particularly mindful of taking into account social and ecological issues in all what we do.

  • Enjoy in our houses natural materials such as linen, matured timber and natural stones.
  • We irrigate our garden with the water from our own well and with harvested rainwater.
  • We provide energised water.
  • Treat yourself in our Private Spas with natural and vegan care products of the exclusive Spa brand Vinoble Cosmetic based on the extracts of the grapevine.
  • We exclusively use LED lamps and energy-saving lighting.
  • A solar and photovoltaic facility as well as ground heat provide eco-friendly energy and pleasant heat, giving a clear conscience.
  • Free charging stations for e-cars: 2 Tesla-stations, 1 BMW-Wallbox+ for all i-types, 1 station for all e-cars.
  • Upcycled Container: In the spa garden of the cottage and the loft and in the new chalets an old container was transformed into a comfortable, modern sauna cube. The 45 sq m fitness cube is also an up-cycled container.
  • We offer a low emission chauffeur service.
  • You can swim at the loft in a large natural swimming pond in energised soft water (200 sq m), in the new park in a 600 sq m award-winning natural swimming pond.
  • We purchase organic food from local suppliers.
  • And last but not least: you can relax on an AlphaSphere lounger, which provides multisensory experiences and effective relaxation.

Andreas Reinisch is a sustainability consultant (reinisch RESPONSibility) and co-initiator of TRIGOS Award and other future-oriented initiatives.

“I like the approach conciliating human and environmental requirements with profitability, hence an economy focusing on human well-being and being in harmony with nature and the universe.  In my way of life, I am focusing on health, sustainability, quality, local roots, ecology, fair trade, well-being and fitness. This is not a vain saying, but an essential part of our corporate philosophy according to the motto: “Be the change you wish to see in the world!” (quotation from Mahatma Gandhi).

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Andreas Reinisch is co-initiator of TRIGOS – the Austrian award for CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Sustainability is a joyful, conscious life-styleSustainability is a joyful, conscious life-style
  • Lavender as far as the eye can seeLavender as far as the eye can see
  • South StyriaSouth Styria
  • Natural swimming pondNatural swimming pond