How it all began …

Andreas, the Landlord:

“First of all I would like to say that it was Barbara who had the idea.

The initial idea goes back to 2009, when we had a stay at a “Western Ranch”. Having always been fascinated by Canadian log homes, Barbara had then the idea to build her own luxurious “Western Ranch”.

Initially, the project was to be set up in Carinthia, where she had found a construction plot of 13 hectares in a basin, including a plateau, a beautiful wood and a river meandering through. It is there, where the Golden River Ranch was to be constructed. After 2 years of intensive preliminary work, Barbara and I met and soon we realised that South Styria was a better place for true love and the genuine pleasures of life than the small remote town of Völkermarkt in Carinthia. Since I had already had construction plots with building permit, we started planning together the Ranch at the Styrian site.

The construction started in May 2012. So it was time to give our project a name. Since Barbara loves gold, the name should contain the term “gold”. Once we stood on the hill contemplating the old barn, which had been built with local stones from St. Nikolai. These yellow bricks gleam like gold in the sunshine. Thus, it seemed evident to name the project “Golden Hill Ranch”.

Yet, we reconsidered the term “Ranch” and after intensive consultative talks with various partners, we finally opted for the denomination “Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites”, standing for happy holidays with country pleasures and zest for life! Many thanks to all who gave us advice and in particular to Barbara!”

Barbara, the Landlady:

“I want to share my enthusiasm with other people and transmit my positive energy to them.

My fundamentals are a positive attitude towards life, confidence, self-reliance and a strong belief in what I do and in all my projects. I always see the glass half full. Really always! I am looking at the bright side and I am focusing on positive aspects. With the construction of the Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites Resort I have made a long cherished dream come true, hence creating a small paradise, an unspoilt spot of earth to provide happy holidays for nature lovers and people in need of rest.

My special heartfelt concern: I want our guests to enjoy magic moments. Whether it is a marvellous romantic dinner amid the vineyards or a gourmet picnic beside the swimming pond, my attention to detail, my sense of romance and my sense of perfection make any such event an unforgettable experience.”

  • At the “Long Table” in Graz - the capital of delightsAt the “Long Table” in Graz - the capital of delights
  • Romantic moments in the lavender fieldRomantic moments in the lavender field
  • Andreas on tourAndreas on tour
  • Barbara on the horsebackBarbara on the horseback
  • Going for a drive with the oldtimer tractorGoing for a drive with the oldtimer tractor
  • Harley ride on the Styrian wine routeHarley ride on the Styrian wine route
  • Barbara and Andreas above the cloudsBarbara and Andreas above the clouds
  • Holidays with the horse at Golden Hill ResortHolidays with the horse at Golden Hill Resort
  • Barbara with AndreasBarbara with Andreas
  • Holiday feelingsHoliday feelings
  • Andreas and Barbara ReinischAndreas and Barbara Reinisch
  • The beaming LandladyThe beaming Landlady
  • The Styrian “Steinfuchs” CottageThe Styrian “Steinfuchs” Cottage
  • Golden Hill - the LoftGolden Hill - the Loft
  • Exterior view of the LoftExterior view of the Loft
  • The swimming pond is under constructionThe swimming pond is under construction
  • The excavators are comingThe excavators are coming
  • The roof truss has arrivedThe roof truss has arrived
  • Mud belongs to every construction siteMud belongs to every construction site
  • The stone bath tub is The stone bath tub is "approaching"
  • Once a shed, soon a wine cellarOnce a shed, soon a wine cellar
  • Meeting at the construction siteMeeting at the construction site
  • The bath tub already enjoys the fantastic viewThe bath tub already enjoys the fantastic view
  • Build on Build on "Golden stones"
  • Romantic Romantic "sample dinner" at the swimming pond
  • Our „Neptun“ is already watching outOur „Neptun“ is already watching out
  • Andreas has everything under controlAndreas has everything under control
  • First First "wine tasting" in the future wine cellar