Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites

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Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites

Waldschach / Steinfuchsweg 2
A 8505 St. Nikolai i. Sausal



Journey by Car

Coming from Vienna/Graz, travel south taking the A9 motorway. Leave it at the junction “Wildon” and turn right heading for Preding and Wildon. Proceed straight on until arriving at the roundabout. Turn right there for Preding/St. Nicolai/Hengsberg. Continue straight on until you see the sign for Preding. Turn right there and drive again straight on. After having passed the car dealer, take the left in the direction of Flamberg/Grötsch/St. Nikolai. Proceed straight on until arriving at St. Nicolai. After having passed the church, turn right and continue on this road, which leads you directly onto “Golden Hill”. Welcome!

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 46.8167
Longitude: 15.4333

Charging stations for Electric cars on-site: 2 Tesla-stations, 1 Wallbox for BMW and all i-types, 1 station for all other e-cars.

Journey by Train or Plane

Environmentally friendly journey by train:
The nearest railway stations are in the towns of Hengsberg and Wettmannstätten, which are both about 5 kilometres away from “Golden Hill”. For timetable and ticket information, please visit the website We will be happy to organize a free of charge CO2-free transfer service.

Journey by plane
The nearest airport is Graz-Thalerhof (28 km). Here you will find an overview of departures / arrivals and useful information at Graz Airport.:
> Graz Airport

The following cities have direct flights: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bari, Berlin, Brac, Burgas, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Istanbul, Munich, Naples, Palermo, Rom, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich.

Please give us early notice of your arrival time. We will be delighted to organise the transfer.

Helikopter Rundflug Südsteiermark

Journey by Helicopter

Arrival by helicopter is also possible on request. Golden Hill has its own landing field. We ask for timely registration.

  1. Chalet Goldfuchs
    with private spa
  2. Chalet Silberfuchs
    with private spa
  3. Chalet Rotfuchs
    with private spa
  4. Chalet Steppenfuchs
    with infinity pool
  5. Chalet Polarfuchs 
    with private spa & garden
  6. Chalet Steinfuchs
    with private spa & garden (6a)
  7. The Loft with infinity pool & natural swimming pond (7a) & park (7b)
  8. Fitness cube 
  9. 600 m² natural swimming pond
  10. 15.000 m² park
  11. Sauna cube
  12. Champagne-Lounge
  13. Fireplace
  14. Barbecue area
  15. Event wine cellar

Chalets available in September/October:

Steinfuchs: 06.10.-20.10.; from 27.10.
Goldfuchs: 09.10.-17.10.; 26.10.-29.10.; from 01.11.
Silberfuchs: from 29.09.
Rotfuchs: 29.09.-10.10.; from 16.10.
Polarfuchs: from 13.10.
Steppenfuchs: 04.10.-07.10.; 19.10.-21.10.; from 23.10.

Freie Termine!

Für alle Kurzentschlossenen! Freie Chalets SEPTEMBER / OKTOBER:

Steinfuchs: 06.10.-20.10.; ab 27.10.
Goldfuchs: 09.10.-17.10.; 26.10.-29.10.; ab 01.11.
Silberfuchs: ab 29.09.
Rotfuchs: 29.09.-10.10.; ab 16.10.
Polarfuchs: ab 13.10.
Steppenfuchs: 04.10.-07.10.; 19.10.-21.10.; ab 23.10.