Sport shooting & archery in Styria

An Absolute Hit

Breathe in. Feel your heartbeat. Breathe out. Let go. Silently, the arrow speeds forward. Bull’s eye! If you want to combine sport with deep relaxation, archery is the right choice. After all, archery has been proven to have a positive effect on both the body and mind. Those who prefer to train their concentration with firepower can set their sights on a day of sport shooting in the Styrian Zangtal.

— Bull's eye —

The Fascination of Sport Shooting

The perfect harmony between body and mind: sport shooting is a fascinating way to get to know yourself in a whole new way. In the Zangtal shooting arena, you can put your marksmanship to the test under the expert guidance of professionals. The former mining pit is now an attractive sports facility in the countryside where you can prove your marksmanship and is a 45 minute drive by car from Golden Hill.


— the target cross in sight —

With Bow and Arrow

To be out and about with bow and arrow in the South Styrian nature is an almost meditative experience, the ritualistic movement sequences of this ancient sport are a relief for restless spirits. In the surrounding 3D courses you roam through nature with a bow and arrow. If you wish, we can also organise a trial lesson or an archery workshop for you.

Archery in the region

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